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«So much to do and so little time …»

“There aren’t enough hours in a day … I wish I had more time»

«I increasingly have less time to do more things»

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Do you see yourself reflected in any of them in particular? It is quite possible that at least one of them is and it is something absolutely normal for many people.

More and more people have a problem with «time» and find it more and more difficulty to properly manage it.

«Time management» manuals do not often address the needs and difficulties that many women have in harmonizing, in difficult balance, their multiple role-playing.

Being female, partner, mother, daughter, friend or professional, involves a multiple-role woman that should be reviewed to avoid falling into the trap of «on demand» and to make a fair and balanced sharing of tasks and responsibilities.

We should also review the internal and external obstacles to the personal, professional or business development of many women when entering in «collision» with other vital areas we also care about: family, friends, leisure, health …

Time is inflexible, it passes and does not stop, but sometimes we feel the opposite. It is, apparently, a variable that can not change. We can not lengthen it, stretch it, buy it or stop it. However, we can learn to manage it better.

In addition, time is a fair friend. It gives us all the same number of hours. How to take advantage of those hours and what we make of that time depends on us.

We surely know many busy people who complain again and again: «I have no time», “I need more hours”, and similar expressions.

The fact is that the day has 24 hours and there are seven days in a week.

Today it is very common yearning for a 25 or 30 hour day …  that’s because the “regular” 24 hours seem insufficient for all we have to do.

Not enough? The fact is that they are not enough but the truth is that it is not only a problem of «time» or «time management» but also a problem on how we manage ourselves. On how we invest – or what we do- with the hours we spend working or resting.

You certainly know someone who has time for everything.

Have you ever stopped to think why? She’s surely not a super woman, as you may have thought, but just a more organized person.

Stop to think and reorganize your priorities, spend some time weekly and daily in planning and organizing. Sort out tasks depending on their priority, the most urgent and important first, then the ones that can wait.

Once done it, try to stick to it! Perform the tasks on time.

What seemed unattainable will become much easier.

Do not forget to include time for resting, exercising or just doing nothing and disconnecting.

These good time management habits can help you live your day more fully.

Would you like to have more time to do what you most want?

Contact me and I’ll teach you how to manage it to get the most out of your day. What are you waiting for?