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I love rainy days like this, so inviting to stay in, something I don’t usually do at weekends where I live, particularly because the weather is usually very nice.

Since my homeopathic doctor told me a few years ago that colds were a good way to detox your body, I don’t feel so bad about it any more.

In addition, today is an ideal day to look back on 2016. I get ready for it, sit on the sofa, with a warm blanket on, ready for my meditation practice. I realize that I’m cleaning the stress and difficult situations lived throughout this very intense year. I think as most of the last years of my life, although I have the impression that experiences get more intense with age, don’t you think so?

I started 2016 preparing the launch of my new website and my e-book, “9 Stories to be the Main Character of your Life,” while organizing the Toastmasters Division H Conference.

In addition, I agreed to take part in a new management project of the School of Arts and College of Design, where I was working as an English teacher for specific purposes.

Without forgetting the great personal challenge that has been to get Dr. Cavadas, to operate my son Pablo. He’s best doctor in the world, and happens to live 1 hour and a half from our place, aren’t we lucky!

As a friend of mine says: “It makes me dizzy just to hear you talk.”  Now that I see it written down on a piece of paper, I feel dizzy  too.

I must confess that from July 1 that I started working on my new position as Vice Director of the School, the year has become even more intense and I suppose that as a result of my busy year, here I am, with a bad cold, meditating about it, acknowledging all that has happened this year, both good and bad, ready to take the learning over to the next year.

The first thing is to decide what I want to leave behind, as a way of a spring cleaning, so I can get rid of what no longer serves me and make room for the new.

Among the things I want to leave behind, in addition to some clothing that doesn’t fit any more, is multitasking, my great ally for so many years, which has helped me combine work, home, children, life … but now I’m ready to leave behind because it doesn’t serve me any more: “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”

With this New Year resolution in mind, I continue to meditate about what I want in my life for 2017.

As I’m writing these lines, there is an interesting debate between my body and my mind, because tonight, there is a dance party I was really looking forward to attend. My mind wants to dance and my body is asking for a rest, and I here I am, right in the middle of a tough negotiation. The negotiation gets even tougher because another part of my body, my legs, ally with my mind. They have been at home for two days and do not understand that my head, nose, throat and lungs need a rest, while they’re really looking forward to go dancing. At this stage I have to come up with all the patience in the world and promise my legs to take them dancing as soon as the rest of the body gets better.

The rest of my body relaxes, not so the mind that continues ruminating.

This time I take a deep breath and try to connect with the cause of my discomfort. I realize that what my mind wants, is to wear the new dress that I had bought for the party! Once I make a commitment with my mind that I will wear it the first reasonable (I’m not going to wear it to work) time I can find, the rumination stops.

I take another deep breath and feel the harmony between my body and mind.

It has been a tough negotiation, but at last I can go back to my meditation time. I recognize that I need to meditate more; it feels so good!

I decide to spend the rest of the day doing nothing and meditating.

As for the New Year’s resolutions, I will leave them for my annual date with myself before the year is over, it’s a ritual I do every year when I’m on holidays and I love it!

I grasp that my mind has gone back to the future again, I take another deep breath and decide that first I’ll have to get better, next go dancing and finally get ready for the New Year!